And we progress.

Today’s a… big day.

TL;DR: Demo’s at the end of the post. Please read the included readme, as there are important notes included. Also, let me know what you think about the game. 🙂

Up to this point, one of my goals has been to have a nice framework to build my game on. I believe I’m well on my way to achieving this.

That said, I’m giving everyone a chance to play my game as it stands. The one big thing that’s been cut out is the networking functionality, mostly because I’m not ready to kick that out as a part of my game. In the middle of getting it stable-ish and secure enough so that open UDP ports aren’t left open on random computers.

This game is not stopping here. Too much to do, too much to learn, even in the middle of messing around with a Raspberry Pi, roller derby and rebuilding an engine soon. As this project progresses, some of those external activities will probably make their way into this game, and some of the stuff I do here will make it’s way out. To a certain extent, it already has.

I want to thank everyone that’s given me props, sent energy my way, put up with my stubbornness, weirdness, potential anti-social tendencies, what have you. All my Guildhall peoples, my Capital Factory peoples, my family (love y’all!), my friends (love y’all too!), Dorothy (goes without saying <3), my roller derby peoples and my work peoples who have been asking me for a copy of this thing ever since I mentioned it. 🙂

Seriously, thank you all.

Please enjoy, and feel free to spread the link to this post with awesome people.

Overboost Alpha 0 For Mac OSX (DMG.GZ) (Updated)
Overboost Alpha 0 For Windows 7
Overboost Alpha 0 For Linux x86_64


I see that there’s a permissions issue with the Mac OSX copy of my game where it’s unable to run from the directory the .app is housed in. I’ll be checking into this tonight and posting an update once it’s fixed.

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