Effects Combo for Blender Game Engine

The DTScripts Effects Combo is a framework that works with the data pushed by the Particle Panel.

The alpha version of the Effects Combo file is something that I had created before work started on the Particle control panel, as a way of simulating the action of a fishtank draining. At this moment, it reads from the database and takes in information from the material elements that it collides with. Right now, you can control (in the “Material” settings within the Particle Panel) whether the material you’re dealing with is “wet” or “dry”. “Wet” will use the fishtank effect. “Dry” will just give off a fragment reaction.

To use this, open the script in Blender’s text editor, then select it as the script to be called in the python controller on your materials, projectiles and static elements.

Full instructions are included in the zip file. If you have any crits or comments after trying this out, please feel free to let me know by sending an e-mail.

This is licensed under the GPL. Links in this post now go to Version Alpha 2.

Download it here!

tar.gz archive available


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